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Aug 27
One very dangerous thing that is seen in the concrete pumping industry from time to time is people having their arms, fingers, etc. amputated in the field due to cleaning out the pump with their hands while the pump motor is running. Remember, never put any body part in the hopper, outlet valve or lubrication box while the pump is running. Many of these amputations are caused because the operator thinks that just because the remote is off everything is all right. However, what happens is they ...
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Aug 26
Well, I've been around for a little bit and let me tell you something. I felt safer during the 'cold war'then I feel right now. What can we do? We are all going to have to take extra measures in our everyday life to protect oneself and family. First and formost, we must be more vigilant. We must be more aware of our surroundings. This is not being paranoid, it just being aware. (2)Review the situation in your mind. You need to be prepared to assess all your options quickly, to ensure that your ...
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Aug 25
If you are in a new relationship and want to be creative, or if you've been in a relationship for a long time, check out or list of fun and creative ways to show that special someone that you love them. 1. Say, "I Love You". You may think they KNOW you love them, but its always nice to HEAR you say it. 2. Write them a love letter. 3. Sing them a love song. 4. Record a bunch of your favorite love songs and give it to them. 5. Buy a bag of candy and write "I love You" in candy on their ...
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Aug 24
Part of the Pacific Ocean's allure is its constancy; its waves advance and retreat, it smoothes all rough edges and moods, and each night it swallows the sun once again. Sometimes in life it is necessary to sit back, turn off all modern "conveniences," and just realize the simple beauty of this phenomenon, and the best way to do that is to get yourself to the coast, find a nice quiet vacation rental, and see what develops. You may end up keeping pretty busy as you commune with Mother Nature, or ...
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Aug 23

Global Director

iconAugust 23rd, 2014

Is the answer blowing in the wind when the sun doesn't shine for Street Lighting? have completed negotiations with a leader in this field of technology to bring to their customers a cutting edge solar and wind powered combined renewable energy street lamp. This money saving lighting technology is already in use in several European countries and in many other countries and in short these remarkable lights could be popping up next to you before you know it! If there is a ...
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Aug 22

How Safe Is Your DATA?

iconAugust 22nd, 2014

What would you do if you switched your computer on tomorrow morning, only to see an error message and to find that some of your important files had become corrupted? You may no longer be able to open some files - or, even worse, files might have gone missing without a trace. Welcome to the world of data loss! If you rely on your computer, then this would be a total disaster. If you run any kind of web site or online business, things would get worse before they got better. Imagine losing your ...
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Aug 21
All through the town the winds howled and the rains came down in torrents as the storm pushed through the tiny village with unrelenting and unrestrained fury. Moments earlier, what had been an eerie calm, gave way to a sudden deluge and a rapid pick up in wind intensity as the eye of the hurricane left and was quickly replaced by the ferocious back side of the Category 4 killer. Electricity had been lost hours earlier as transformer after transformer exploded and gave way to utter ...
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Aug 20

The Tale of Two Laddies

iconAugust 20th, 2014

b>The Tale of Two Laddies by: Robert J. McLardie Bob McLardie has worked for over thirty years with countless horses and their owners to repair relationships, calm fears, nurture and protect and above all else bring owners to a new understanding of their horses. He brings to you "The Cornerstone Approach - A Revolution in Horsemanship". The Tale of Two Laddies is a story about the challenges and obstacles that every human being and creature face throughout life and living. The two laddies ...
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Aug 19
How long does it take to make a first impression? On the fast-paced internet you’re likely to get less than 15 seconds. That’s all they’ll spend on your opening page unless you grab visitors with something that interests them. And if you’ve spent effort and dollars to attract visitors, you don’t want to lose them in the time it takes to back out of the driveway. After all, if you’ve got something to sell, you’re not looking for •hits”, you’re looking for sales. The ...
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Aug 18

Safety Tips For Women!

iconAugust 18th, 2014

Safety should be the Number One Priority for Women! In my book "the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook" I provide tips on being safe on your first encounter with an Internet Dating friend. But really, women need to keep safety in mind whether you are out of town, in a hotel, in a car, at home or going for a walk. Safety should be your first concern. Try following the tips below to help keep yourself safe at all times. If you are traveling in an unfamiliar area consider these. - In a hotel room ...
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