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Mar 2

Moon and Moo

iconMarch 2nd, 2015

Moonvine aka Joan Adams, and Moo aka Kate Loving Shenk and You, openedup the radio waves for our radio show called "Moon, Moo & You: The Collective Wisdom,"3/3/09.We had a practice show 2/25/09. The purpose of this show was to make sure we knew how to work the web site so that Joan and I were equally able to contribute and interact with our listeners.Because I was the one who originally set up the page for the show, I was the one who had to "man" the switchboard. However, I did not really ...
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Mar 1
We were contacted by a Tanglewood resident who was unhappy with the appearance of her front yard. The existing drive was nothing more than a massive concrete slab that left little room for any vegetation other than small patches of San Augustine grass and a magnolia tree that was very close to cracking the back wall next to the house. The landscape had excellent drainage, which in most cases is a good thing. However, in this instance the topsoil retained very little rainwater, so for at least ...
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Feb 28
A new generation of globetrotters have taught us a thing or two about traveling on a shoestring. Creative adventurers have planned and executed memorable vacations and trips around the world with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a meager amount of cash. Proving that a person doesn't have to be financially rich to be rich in experience, these men and women come in all ages and from every kind of background a person can think of. Young and old, students and business executives ...
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Feb 27
Most of us dread that annual chore, Spring Cleaning. But the time has come around once again. It's the season to search your house and try to find space for everything and get your possessions organized. Actually, it doesn't matter what time of year it is; the more efficient use of space and reduction of clutter can benefit anyone and reduce stress as well as improve your living environment. Many of us put this chore off as long as possible, but it has to be done eventually. Here are some ...
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Feb 26

How to Change Your Own Oil

iconFebruary 26th, 2015

In today's economy, it makes little sense to pay oil change grease monkeys up to fifty dollars to change your car's oil. With these easy steps, you can change your car's oil in your own garage or driveway. You'll need a jack (the one that comes with your car or truck works), two jackstands, hand tools, oil and an oil filter. You'll also need a drain pan to catch the oil that comes out. Gloves come in handy so your hands don't get gunked up. If you have a car or low truck, you'll need to pick ...
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Feb 25
There was a time when everybody changed their own oil. Now just nearly half of U.S. vehicle owners do their own repair and maintenance. By learning to change your own oil, you can save roughly a hundred dollars a year and maybe more.Before you get started, there are important oil disposal laws you must understand otherwise you could be fined by the EPA fines that go as high as six figures. The days of digging a hole in the back yard and pouring dirty oil into it are long gone. Environmental ...
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Feb 24
Nobody likes to be overly pessimistic about what the future may hold, but it is a simple fact of life that hazards are rife in all parts of society. There seems to have been an increasing number of extreme weather events in recent years, and as the floods that have plagued many parts of the UK have shown, lives can be transformed in a matter of hours. The upshot of these flash floods, of course, was that many homes were literally destroyed over night. The floods also ravaged many gardens in the ...
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Feb 23
If you knew of some reliable ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance then it's highly probable you would follow suit and use your hard earned pennies for something else. The good news for car owners nationwide is that there are ways to lower the cost of your premiums, where it is possible to decrease the amount you pay to keep your car safe and sound. One of the simplest ways to reduce costs is by resisting the urge to automatically renew your existing policy. It's all too easy to renew ...
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Feb 22

Quick tips on home remodeling

iconFebruary 22nd, 2015

The major areas which you need to consider when you are selling your home are as follows: the curb appeal, kitchen and the bathrooms. But there is no hard and fast rule that you need to remodel these areas once you are intending to sell your house. It is one of the most important criteria that you need to consider once you have decided to give one of the best looks to your house. This article will help you to provide some of the best tips that will help you to realize the best value for your ...
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Feb 21
Now that you have decided to finally put that fence up, pave your driveway or add on that extra bedroom, you will need to hire a property surveyor, land surveyor or boundary surveyor to make sure you are not going over your property line. Because there are a lot of legal responsibilities that come with property lines, it’s crucial you get a land surveyor. Not just anyone can perform a property survey.What Do You Need To Be Aware Of When Hiring A Property Surveyor?Property surveyors, like ...
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